The death of the skinny jeans: wide leg trend comes back

By on 2017/02/06
Alright. I have a confession to make. I moved from my parents’ house 20 years ago and my old bedroom is yet full of books, vinyl records, boxes with letters from my ‘penpals’ and clothes that I haven’t worn for pretty much those two decades.

Every time I visit them I get my Mum’s half grin and firm look when I enter my teenage bedroom, as a request to have some time to go through my stuff. Last Christmas I came around on my own for a coffee and a chat with Mum and instead of enjoying a relaxing homemade cortado and a piece of turron, I found myself on top of a ladder, holding a black bin bag and checking some boxes on top of wardrobes.

Few moments after, as it usually happens, my Mum comes to the room to go through the stuff I had already put in the bin bag and takes some of it out again! See, my Mum was raised in the post-war times, and she likes keeping things “just in case”. Is this not contradictory? Well, in my frustration I told Mum, “I am putting it all back in the bag and won’t let you get near. I will take the bags out straight away!” Was this some sort of reverse psychology trick? I know my Mum well enough and it wasn’t. However, it made me do a drastic clear out without looking back. I didn’t have the coffee in the end neither did have a rest from all the family Christmas craziness. But it felt good.

Featured at The Stylist magazine

Now…I am reading a Fashion magazine on new jean cut trends coming up…the wide leg and 70s elephant leg jeans look is back…after I only got rid of 3 pairs of jeans on that style few weeks ago, after keeping them for 20 years!! Nowu when I am back to shape after two pregnancies and got back to the same weight I was in my teens…And I think of Mum, the one that asks me to throw stuff away and then wants to put it back in the room as I do “just in case”. Life is full of contradictions and sudden twists…

Oh well, I will have to go shopping for a new pair of jeans…too bad 🙂

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