Upcycled Baby Bandanas: my latest project

By on 2016/05/25


If you are a parent yourself you will agree that family life absorbs a huge chunk of your time. For the creative ones, like myself, it can be very tricky to find the time to create. Tiredness, feeding protocols and the background cries can be very discouraging in terms of focusing on doing anything.

I’ve been chanelling my “creative urges” lately with something practical. My 6month baby is teething. The constant dribbling due to this leads her to wet a bib in the matter of minutes. I couldn’t cope with the bib demand! Needless to say that having her wearing the regular long rounded bibs at all times was not particularly stylish (I know, she is just a baby but it is the aesthetic side of me comes out sometimes). I had seen some babies wearing fabric bib bandanas, but I the ones I saw around didn’t look very “waterproof” to me, so I decided to make my own ones out of some preloved 100% tshirts and some towel fabric I got of ebay. With a quiet affordable purchase of a snap button fastener tool, I hand sew few of them while watching tv. No time wasted.

What do you think? A great way to upcycled clothes into something useful.


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