I wish airports were that much fun! ‘Vamos Cuba’ at Sadler’s Wells

By on 2016/08/03

‘Vamos Cuba’ is a music and dance production directed by choreographer Nilda Guerra. As several individuals await a flight departure from Cuba to Miami at an airport terminal, romance, anxiety and arguements reveal in the shape of both traditional and modern cuban dance.

While the development of the plot and characters is a bit flat -though let’s not forget this is a dance show, not a play- , the live band and singing Geydi Chapman and Maikel Ante is fantastic, as well as the ‘impromptu’ singing and guitar performance by one of the dancers/characters at the beginning of the show.

The female dancers are not always coordinated in their routines, though it is quiet admirable to see them dancing with great balance and speed in high heels. It is, however, the male dancers who should get high praise; they give passion and deliver a great performance. As well as the woman doing the Orishas traditional dance, one of the highlights of the show.

Footage of Che Guevara and Castro set up an emotional mood in the room for those who know the struggle of Cuban immigrants. A scene showing “fantastical” contents of the passengers’ suitcases is moving and original. However, this was mostly a fun and colourful pre-party show that demonstrates the natural joyful and passionate character of Cubans.

Until 21st August at Sadler’s Wells



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