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My name is Laura Salesa. That is a certain truth. If you ask me what I am, that is a question with multiple answers.  I have worked as a Graphic Designer and as a press journalist for over a decade. But I have also directed short films and music videos, I have written dozens of poems and recently published my very first fiction novel; I have recorded vocals for a couple of songs, I do pencil and digital illustrations and I can do some knitting… 


After I got my degree on Advertising and Public Relations in 2002, I started my professional career as a TV Reporter, then jumped into press journalism for a media Group on International Commerce and Cargo Transport, and then into Marketing and Publicity for a Blues and Rock Music label. I enjoy Journalism as much as Graphic Design for the same reason: being able to communicate and deliver a message that can get some sort of reaction and feedback from the audience.

You can see my portfolio of work here: www.laurasalesa.com/

Graphic Design, Laura Salesa, illustration, video creation, visual artist

I am always involved in several creative individual or collaborative projects. To find out more on what I am up to at the moment please see the Creative Box section

I have also recently published my very first fiction novel in Spanish ‘Nueva Era’, a futuristic thriller inspired on the Mayan prophecy about 21 December 2012. Available in English and Spanish at Amazon.

I appreciate your feedback, whatever it is. Please comment, I would like to hear from you. You can also send me your work if you would like me to make a mention in the blog.  Anything that inspires you can inspire me. Anything that inspires me can inspire you back.

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