I am officially a Creative!

By on 2013/09/11

IamCreativHey! Great news, today I received the welcoming wristband to join The Creativ Movement, an online platform founded by Arizona based creative organisation, TallCat www.tallcat.com The Movement aims to CREATE portals showcasing creativity. Their motto is “INSPIRE and be inspired by [CREATIVS] from around the world. EMBRACE new creative opportunities.”

The [CREATIV] Movement is the energy behind tallcat, to create and inspire positive change throughout the world. As we are we entering a new renaissance Tallcat will be a key gathering place where it happens.

With the phrase “I AM A [CREATIV]” printed on their wristbands they hope to get an invocation for millions of [CREATIVS] around the world to proclaim proudly.

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  1. Sheila AnnM

    2013/09/12 at 17:08

    Amazing, welcome to the CREATIV Movement! #iamaCREATIV

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