Wearable Art for the modern women: mefaldas tú

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4 skirts in one. The ‘mefaldas’ are reversible.

One size versatile and reversible skirts that are 100% handmade and designs by artist. The ultimate wearable art.

I absolutely fell in love with mefaldas tú pieces when I came across them in an independent boutique in the Spanish island in Tenerife, where they are produced, from concept to finishing, by the Juárez sisters: Ana Juárez, Fashion designer, and Mayi Juárez, Advertising Creative. Now I want to have them all, and if you like what you see, better be quick to get them, as they are produced as limited editions, which makes them more unique, as collective pieces of art that you can wear again and again and look different everytime.

Ana and Mayi Juárez are mefaldas tú

Ana and Mayi Juárez are mefaldas tú

T.C.P.: How did you come up with the idea of your very special skirts?

mefaldas tú.: One day we decided to join forces and use our potential to create this brand. We wanted to investigate and reflect all the ideas we have in ourselves about what we think it is the most versatile female piece of clothing. We were looking into doing something different. We wanted to create very personal pieces of clothing because we believe that our skirts can suit any woman. Our skirts are key pieces of an outfit for any occasion. Also we were looking into innovate and, finally, after studying and working with loads of different patterns, we came up with the right base line of skirts that can serve as blank canvas for your creations.

We design for real women different life rhythms. Women that are active and lead an intensive life, women with personality that like Fashion but mostly that want to feel good with what they wear.

T.C.P.: Tell us about the designs. Who designs? Where do you find your inspiration?

m.t.: Our designs have an authentic woman in mind. We chose One size fit all patterns, our skirts can be adjusted for a size 10 (Europe 38) to a 16 (Europe 46). They are also reversible, because we love the idea of offering original clothes that you can wear again and again and they can look different on you every time.

For mefaldas tú we work with three different design patterns:

  1. The “mefalda DUO”, is a mid length skirt that comes along a piece of fabric to be place on the front that it can be easily removed and it’s reversible. This means you have two skirts in one. You can also buy the frontal pieces individually, so you can collect them and have many skirts in one
  2. The “mefalda capa”, is an airy skirt design, with knee length and reversible. Thanks to a system of buttons on the waistline, you can adjust the skirt to your body in many different ways. The skirt becomes a moving sculpture. It is a very original piece.
  3. The “minimefalda” is the short version of our line, for those women who like flashing their pins. With an original asymmetrical cut that suits any body shape and size.

Our line “mefaldas Gallery” are black and white designs by artists and graphic designers. We love Art and Art Craft. We like designs with their own distinctive mark. It’s in our blood.

mefaldastu mefaldas tu-2901T.C.P.: Do you have collaborations of other designers? What are your artistic influences? 

m.t.: Yes, we have collaborations from other designers. Our line “mefaldas Gallery” are black and white designs by artists and graphic designers. We love Art and Art Craft. We like designs with their own distinctive mark. It’s in our blood. We have another sister, who is a painter, and we have grown seeing how the artistic skills develop as you grow and your environment changes. One of our most special skirts is her work. It is amazing.

T.C.P.: The mefaldas are 100% handmade. Could you explain about the whole process from concept to production?

m.t.: We make our skirts in our little workshop in La Laguna, a beautiful city in the north side of Tenerife island, in Spain. Sometimes, when we have a large production request, we use local workshops for support. We love to keep that “savoir faire” of the traditional clothes making. The way we work on our brand is not at all systematic. One day we might be looking at a piece of fabric and its potential, and then we work on it and look on the possible combinations using our brand patterns as a base. Sometimes inspiration comes from a colour. We cut and prepare a prototype that it is then photographed and goes into our online shop. Then we prepare the production for point of sale. We always do limited editions of our designs, which adds an extra value of exclusivity to our skirts.

T.C.P.: What type of woman wears your skirts and what is the feeling or message you would like them to get as she wears them?

m.t.: We design for women like ourselves: real women with real lives in different life rhythms, fast at times, quiet at other times. Women that are active and lead an intensive life, women with personality that like Fashion but mostly that want to feel good with what they wear. That is why mefaldas tú doesn’t do seasonal collections. We created pieces that inspire emotions by combining fabrics and patterns. We like to say that the personality of each skirt is given by the person wearing it, because they are very versatile and they can adapt to any occasion: imagine an skirt that is perfect for that work meeting, that gives that elegance along with a blazer, shirt and heels. That same skirt, worn with ankle boots and a leather jacket can reflect a more rock look. And if you wear it with your favourite jumper and flat shoes you will get a more urban style. Try these combinations; the mefaldas won’t let you down!

T.C.P.: How do you see your brand growing in the next few years?

m.t.: After three years creating our brand and working on your patterns, our skirts are very unique and stand out on their uniqueness. Now it is time to develop the new lines that have work well and take them to the next level. These are for example our coordinated lines for mums and daughters. We would also like to extend our business with accessories and expanding our skirt universe to the international market, through our website and new points of sale that follow our philosophy #positivedesign and that support brands with a different approach.

T.C.P.: Where can we find your products at the moment?

m.t.: At the present you can see our full range of products online at www.mefaldastu.com We also distribute our skirts in 3 shops in Tenerife: Kokoa in La Laguna, Sirenas in El Médano, and at the shop of the Art space TEA (Tenerife Espacio de las Artes), a place full of good inspiring designs and innovation.

See a gallery below with some of the creations by mefaldas tú.

Visit www.mefaldastu.com

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