Dual Reality:
A Multimedia Experiment

By on 2010/09/02


(Video by Laura Salesa. Photos by Boberika, 2010) 

This is the first of (hopefully) many multimedia experiments that me and my friend Boberika (www.boberika.com) started in July this year. Dual Realilty is a multimedia project that combines photography, video and web in an attempt to understand the differences and similarities between two artists with very different backgrounds and origins: me, Spanish, youngest of four children, brought up in a small fishing town on the north coast of the country; Boberika, only child from New Zealand and Asian background, raised in the beautiful island in the other side of the world. 

Two creative minds (Laura Salesa and Boberika), two models (Sophia Barker and Savita Shukla) and two make-up artists (Rumana Hussain and Zarina Amin) join skills and talents for the first time in this project, allowing them to explore the limits and extend of their creativity. 

More info on this project coming soon. 

Laura, Savita, Sophie and Boberika during the photoshoot in London


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  1. Jake

    2010/09/03 at 00:36

    Wow! Awesome work guys, looking very professional.. not to mention this website is top notch too! Well done!


  2. IKER

    2010/09/03 at 15:04


  3. Renu Dosaj

    2010/09/03 at 17:41

    I love the vintage look, very cool and professional!

  4. Rumana Hussain

    2010/09/05 at 17:55

    Had an amazing day working on this project. All team members were great and the outcome looks fabulous. Proud to be part of it.

    Make up artist

    • Laura Salesa

      2010/09/06 at 08:55

      it was a pleasure working with you. You are such a talented and professional artist and hope we can work together again. All the best!

  5. Peter

    2010/09/05 at 20:27

    Very nice and creative video. Wow. Particularly liked the model with art deco on the face. Keep up the good work – I will be keep an eye!


  6. Zarina Amin MUA

    2010/09/06 at 11:04

    Congratulations to all team members for the collaboration of their talent and skills.

    Great working with you all and hope we can work jointly again.


    • Laura Salesa

      2010/09/06 at 11:17

      Thank you Zarina por participating in this project and sharing your amazing talent with us. All the best!

  7. Anna Bellamy

    2010/09/07 at 14:45

    Amazing. Girls, you look very sexy!!! Black haired girl look like a doll so perfect, her skin is so clear. I love the video. The concept of this is brilliant. Well done for make up lady. It is an art!!!!

  8. Paulina

    2010/09/17 at 11:45

    I loved ladies outfits and the fact that they choose two different women. one blond, tall and the other darker skin, dark hair one. I loved the darked hair girl. she looked brilliant in cream outfit, it really suited her plus matched the climat of the video. I loved the shot of models looking left and right with the bubble effect. I think that darker hair lady is very presentive and looks lovely on photos and videos. I really enjoyed it and wish could see something similar in future.

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