The many faces of brazilian Victor Nunes

By on 2015/10/16

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Victor Nunes is a Brazilian artist and an Advertising professional. He runs his one Advertising agency in Sao Paulo.  During coffee breaks and reflecting time, he’s been putting together a vast and versatile collection of original portraits in which mundane objects and pieces of stationery, even food, play a key part: apple peels, egg shells, pins, pegs, measuring tapes, rulers, rubber bands…suddenly become part of his portrait features.

His Facebook page opens with the simple statement “Just For Fun”. However his “Many Faces” go way beyond the spontaneous doodle art. We had the pleasure to interview Victor to find out more about the origins of this wonderful collection.

The Creative Post: What are your influences?
Victor Nunes: I can see that people are my biggest influences, watching them give me ideas.
T.C.P.: What does inspire you?
V.N.: My family and the nature.
T.C.P.:  When and why did you start your “faces” artworks?
V.N.: I have been doing this for all my life, in my daily profession as a publicist and art director, playing with images is vital, however only few years ago after listening to so many friends and family suggestions, decided to create my own page on facebook, today I have over 41K followers, which I am very thankful for.
T.C.P.:  Which one has been the most challenging one and why?
V.N.: I can’t think of one which was the most challenging. Each piece has its own challenge, although most of the time I try to keep it simple.

T.C.P.: Where do you find ideas?
V.N.: It comes from a coffee break, lunch out with family, travelling around the world, from everywhere you can get inspired;

T.C.P.:  What has been people’s response to your works?
V.N.: I receive comments from all over the world, people are having fun as much as I do.

T.C.P.:  What would you like to do next?
V.N.: As I do for fun, not sure where it will lead me, I am enjoying everyday of it.

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