Wynwood emanates art in every corner (Florida special)

By on 2015/03/20
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I have never taken so many photos of walls in my life. I am in Wynwood, the epecentre of art and all things hipster in Miami. Every building in every street has been covered with amazing art murals of all styles and themes and I get my camera to capture them as I walk.
After a stop at the infamous Panther cafe -where beardy locals work on their laptops with a cup of coconut milk lattle or similar- I submerge myself in the immensity of the giant concrete artworks, as the sun enhances the richness of colour and detail. These are brilliant artworks at massive scale. Even though they are varied in style/execution -from realism to fantasy, typographical or geometrical- they coexist in great harmony on the facades of industrial warehouses that accommodate galleries, studios and few flats. I look around in high alert as I walk along so I don’t miss any of them.
That’s the effect of street art, making it accessible to the regular pedestrian and getting a reaction from him/her as they move around.
A place where even cats can become arty accessories (see my picture above). I become conscious that I am stopping every 2 seconds to take a photo, and as I do, I start to imagine myself living here in another life, perhaps having my own studio or gallery, and meeting clients at Panther with the endless Florida sun on top of our heads.
Before I leave I spot three girls getting into a car with some vinyl records and that’s how I discover that the night bar Gramps has a resale of records, cassettes and vhs tapes at the back of the bar. I left as the sun goes down and after some final shots I leave Wynwood already wishing to come back.


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