Artwork display at Islington’s Cinnamon Cafe (London)

By on 2014/12/03
the draughty jabber by Laura Salesa.

‘the draughty jabber’ is being shown for the first time at Cinnamon Village. By Laura Salesa.

Any artist’s satisfaction is to be able to show his/her work. I am lucky to leave in a lovely area in London where many independent businesses support local artists by offering their space to display artworks. This is the second time I am exhibiting at wonderful Cinnamon Cafe (162, Blackstock Road) a place where people of all ages can enjoy a wonderful brunch, a healthy and fresh meal or a fresh brew coffee. The staff is friendly and it’s very family friendly.

In the current exhibition you will have 11 of my artworks: 9  comissioned illustration portraits, the first illustration from my series “Be Social” and one from my personal collection”Gheisha”.

If you are around for a walk or to attend next Arsena’s football match, pop around, have a look at my pieces and don’t forget to Tweet, Pin, blog and share around!

See a gallery below. For commissioned work contact me at

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