Russian Red charmed London’s indie scene

By on 2014/05/13

On 6th May,  Spanish band Russian Red performed at London’s intimate venue The Lexington to an audience that well knew her songs and tunes. With a ‘sold out’ sign by the venue’s entrance, band leader, singer-songwriter Lourdes Hernández, who named the band by her favourite lipstick colour, proved their global success with excellent vocals.

The awkward moments when Lourdes and her band spoke in English between them in front of the audience were easily turned by the same into funny jokes, showing a much softer side of Hernández than the sensually tinted fierce look in her eyes while singing. Asking about the Spanish numbers in the room, we sort of missed few dedicated words to her crowd in her mother tongue, but they gained the audience anyway.

Great evening overall and hoping to see them back in London in a well-deserved bigger venue.

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