‘A Private Spanish Joke’: my latest Illustration artwork

By on 2013/10/08

Find me a single Spanish tourist that has been in London and haven’t ever referred to “Greenwich” as pronouced “Green witch” or looked for the market of “CaNdeM” town.


by Laura Salesa. www.laurasalesa.com

My latest illustration artwork that I have called “A Spanish private joke” is just basically a way to visualise this common mistake amongst the Spanish londoners. Because us Spanish know, can and enjoy laughing at ourselves, and this is probably one of the best aspects of our character. We recently had to witness the disastrous speech by wife of Spanish ex-president Jose Maria Aznar, Ana Botella as part of a campaign to promote Madrid as candidate for the next Olympic Games. Her strong accent was not the problem, but the obvious fact that she was reading and repeating like the periodic table and over emphasising like someone telling her child a bedtime story. Well, what did us Spanish do with this? Instead of buring ourselves down in embarrassment we laughed at it. Some even took some time to use the autotuning to convert Botella’s speech into a disco song.

The generation of Spanish saying “Green witch” and “CaNdeM” are just a consequence of a poor system to teach foreign languages in Spain, something we have always struggled with. But hey, it defines us and we will always find a fun way to look at it.

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