My artworks on display at Finsbury Park Cafe, London

By on 2013/04/23
Amaia by Laura Salesa, 2013

Amaia by Laura Salesa, 2013

Thanks to wonderful Finsbury Park Cafe managers Leigh-Ann and Chris, I am displaying some of my artworks at this fantastic and family friendly cafeteria as part of their latest revamped look.

The artworks, which will be displayed in a permanent basis, include my latest vector illustration, Amaia, which hasn’t ever been in public show before.

Finsbury Park is one of the prettiest parks in London, and a good size one as well. With a lake, tennis courts, skate boarding areas, a very well equipped playground and wide open spaces for playing football or just relax, the park ticks all the boxes and it’s also more quiet than the touristic St. James or Hyde Park in Central London.

Finsbury Park cafe is a brilliant place to have lunch or coffee while enjoying a great view of the park’s landscape, and it  has families well in mind for everyone’s entertainment: a dedicated children area, a lounge/sofa area and a wide range of food options available.

Pop around for a drink and show us some support!! You might find me in there some time…

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Artworks by Laura Salesa at Finsbury Park Cafe, London

Artworks by Laura Salesa at Finsbury Park Cafe, London

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