Had a blast exhibiting at Open Arts Café in London

By on 2012/06/06

Me and my friends during my exhibition at Open Arts Café - London

I had such a great time exhibiting at Open Arts Cafe last month and it was all down to the organiser, the wonderful and talented Maya Levy, the artists who performed and acted alongside me and my loyal friends that support me by coming along and enjoying a great evening.

Beautiful and touching poems by Ruth Davis were followed by the amazing music of London-based band Flux. You could feel a moved and extremely focused audience from the moment this band started playing, as their perfectly coordinated acoustic sounds from guitar, piano and flute could teleport you somewhere far far away. I was so blown away by them that I recorded a short video of their performance to keep, though there is nothing compared to watching them live (see video at the end of this post).

Maya Levy was a great host and between her introductions and jokes she delivered a great performance singing by the piano. Afrobilly Jones and his fresh sounds did a brilliant performance as well. And then, myself and also Spanish artist Begoña Fernández showed our artworks in the exhibition room just after two well done short films by Team Cerf and Julie Angel. The night finished with the humanity of urban poetry by Sh’maya.

An amazing evening where we all had a laugh, were moved by the poetry, had a toast while admiring some artworks 🙂 and  enjoyed some brilliant music.

Thanks for having me!

See gallery of the evening plus video of Flux performance below.

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