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by Frankula.

I am sure that not even the same Francis Geralds, aka Frankula, would have imagined that after his retirement from the Chemical Industry he would be wowing the world with his extraordinary and unique digital artworks. As he tells me, it all started short after he stopped working, when he was encouraged to buy a computer and was introduced to Photoshop at his home in Cumbria, UK. I found this programme to be so intriguing I just had to explore more.”, he says.

It is fair to say, however, that he had some experience with the traditional methods of artmaking. “I think I must have tried every medium since I was early school age. I enjoyed every transition from one to more advanced techniques….pencil, water colour, oils,inks….yes! Inks in airbrushing I think were the most exciting of all forms, especially when sprayed on to high quality gloss paper.” After living and experiencing several decades of different artistic moves and techniques, Geralds can also see the advantage of the Digital Age; “I like Digital art from a point of view that there is No Mess, work can be redone or changed without a new canvass and the work is sharp and realistic. For me this is the best form. The digital work is ideal for Advertising but I would prefer a hand painted picture hanging on my wall. As far as I’m concerned I like all forms of Art and can find no disadvantages to any form but, they all have their place.”

The Creative Post: What are you influences, people or artistic movements that inspire your work?
Francis Geralds: I have always loved Art and anything from pop art on Record Album covers,comic book artists to fine art of The Masters. Artists that have had the greatest impression on me. William Blake, The Airbrush works of Michael English…during the 70’s and in the 80’s the wonderful imaginative works of H.R.Giger. Art is all around us and in everything we do.
Shop Window Displays, Product packaging, Magazines and of course Nature itself; the list is endless.

Francis Geralds

T.C.P.: Most of your work, have a Sci-Fi, fantasy theme/atmosphere, what are the reasons behind this?
Hahaha well now Laura you have me stumped there…. I suppose Sci Fi and fantasy can be lumped together. This type of Art allows us to break free of the constraints of traditional work such as scenery,still life etc. I think to some extent a lot can be explained away when creating Sci Fi or Fantasy though, the works must still have structural credibility along with perspective otherwise the Picture just doesn’t work.

T.C.P.:How do you see the future of art expression, do you think it has been devaluated because of the use of enhancing softwares like Photoshop etc?
F.G.: All forms of art have their place, there is still a freedom of choice in whatever method that we feel happiest with.The fact that there are so many art programs on the market to-day shows there is a demand.Art should be available to each and every one of us and in whatever form we choose. I feel that the digital programs have brought art closer to us all and a sense of satisfaction in knowing we have created something of our own. The traditional and digital work very well alongside each other.
I know there has been a lot of controversy over the use of Photoshop techniques in advertising particularly where ‘Models’ are concerned.What should we do? do away with digital programs,Computers and for that matter Camera’s! and all because of a few people who are unable to differentiate or separate fantasy from reality.Education is the way forward perhaps a footnote may be better, saying…”The model has been digitally enhanced in order to display the product”. Personally I Applaud the use of digital programs in advertising we do not want to go backwards to the drab dreary days of the 40’s and 50’s. On this matter I feel I have said quite enough.

T.C.P.: What are your current projects?
F.G.:  I just never know from one day to the next what will take my interest. I often find myself creating a picture from doing an exercise or experimenting with different effects and then thinking ..”…Hmmm! I wonder what would look good with this?”….it is then that ideas begin to form. Having produced a basic picture I leave and come back to it in a day or so and, if it still looks good… I continue to add and enhance. I usually spend at least a week on a picture before posting to an Art site.

Thanks Frankula for this great interview.


by Frankula.

Please see below a small gallery with some of Frankula’s artworks. For more please visit

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