Keith Balanis: The art of metamorphosing reality

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Well, it’s true that these days almost everyone can use Photoshop. But there is a few who really CAN use the software in its full, and that control over the Adobe program shows great results. Keith Balanis is one of those few people who CAN, and his story seems to prove that determination along with natural talent is the right combination for success.

35 year old North American Balanis, moved to Tucson, Arizona, from his birth place Las Vegas in 1999 along with his wife and 5 dogs in the search of a career change. After graduating on Architecture and realising that the profession lacked the creative flair he desired, he studied Advertising Art at The Art Center, now the Southwest University of  Visual Arts. His determination and passion to pursue a career on what he loves doing took him to his current job today, as a graphics specialist for a mine training and consulting company creating graphics and animations for training manuals.

His artworks are versatile and challenging, but what really got my attention were his “metamorphosing” images like the one above these lines.

The Creative Post: When and why did you start designing?
Keith Balanis: Not really designing, but I have been drawing off and on ever since I was 5 or so. Drawing and illustrating has always been something that I’ve done as a way to transfer my imagination to paper. Or now a computer monitor, if you will. As far as actually designing, I never really did much of anything until I went The Art Center. Being in an advertising art program helped me learn about color theory, how to lay out ads, product branding, and many other things. Unfortunately, at my current job, I don’t do much designing in the traditional sense of the word. Which is why I like to create photomanipulated images for myself, as well as for worth1000 contests. Doing this on the side gives me a way to be creative when my job sometimes doesn’t allow me to be. I get a great feeling when I create an image that makes people say, “Wow!” or “How’d you do that?”. Reactions like that make me feel proud of the work I’ve done and honored that people enjoy something that I’ve created. That’s one of the reasons why I do what I do, other than just enjoying “escape” into the wonderful world of Photoshop.

T.C.P.: What are your main influences and inspiration?
My inspirations for my images mainly come from things I see, usually while browsing the internet. There are many other artists, some on worth1000 and some on deviantArt, that influence how I go about creating my images. They also influence me with their techniques and styles, I usually see an image and want to emulate a certain aspect of it. Either it’s the lighting, shadowing, colors, or an overall feeling that’s evoked.

T.C.P.: What part of designing you like the most?
K.B.: The part I like the most about designing is how it affects the viewer. I love to create images that make people laugh, or makes them happy, or even sad. I’ll play with different colors, atmospheric effects, or different imagery, to obtain different results. It’s fascinating to me how any combination of colors, or certain atmospheric effects, can cause someone to feel a certain way. It’s almost like the creator of the image has control over the viewers’ thoughts and emotions. That’s the one thing that I enjoy the most about designing.

T.C.P.:  Where do you see yourself in the future?
K.B.:In the future I don’t really see myself doing anything different than what I’m doing now. I enjoy my job and I’m sure I’ll be there for a long while, but I’ll still be doing my illustrating and phtotomanipulating on the side. Preferrably I’ll be doing some freelance work on the side. I don’t want to be a starving artist forever, lol. T.C.P.:  What are your projects in the present?

K.B.:Presently I don’t have anything going on as far as photomanipulation goes. I usually go through spells where I’m full of ideas and inspiration, then there are times where I don’t have much inspiration or desire. Unfortunately I’m in that low-inspiration period, but I’m sure I’ll come out of it. Doing this interview definitely seems to be helping. 🙂  Although I don’t have anything

Keith Balanis

going on with photomanipulation, I have been working on a couple simple animated 3d images for my wife’s website, so I haven’t been completely away from art.

Portfolio can be viewed at: and

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