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It was a matter of fate to come across brilliant entrepreneur and Graphic Designer Bram Vanhaeren and his wonderful magazine Milla, an inspiring publication with similar goals to The Creative Post. We were just meant to work together! 

In the coming months I will be contributing as Creative Editor for Milla, writing columns to motivate recent design graduates into get their first job, their first exhibition or even start their  own business! I have always love giving advice and interacting with other professionals. I will keep you posted on my collaboration with this fantastic publication. For now please take some time to read my introductory interview at Milla, where you will certainly learn some new things about me…

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Interview transcript:

We would like to introduce you to our newest team member at Milla. Laura Salesa will be our Creative Editor, bringing you some inspirational editorials to encourage the use of your creativity, as well as interviews of successful artists. Originally from Spain, Laura is a Journalist/Graphic Designer with a career full of a wide variety of work experiences as a result of her great interest in all creative disciplines.

Laura admits that the main source of her creative skills came up as a “side effect” of her being extremely shy as a child.

“In so many aspects my shyness was the main cause that pushed me to express myself through other ways of communication, like drawing things I saw or daydreaming about situations I was too shy to bring to life; drawing helped me develop my illustration skills; daydreaming unconsciously served me as creative writing training. (Laura has recently published her first fiction novel in Spanish, Nueva Era). I was not aware of my need for artistic expression until I was in High School. Our Literature teacher gave us the task to write a poem, using one of the Spanish classic’s rhyme schemes. I came back to class next day with over ten poems written, read them all out loud and got an applause from my classmates.”

Milla: What are your main creative influences?
Laura: Over the years I have realised what a big influence my Mum has been on my creative skills development. My Mum, as well as my Grandad used to do oil painting, but aside from the genetic factor, my Mum has shown me how to use your creativity to solve domestic problems and save money. I am the youngest of four children, and for a while our family lived in quite a modest economic situation. I grew up seeing my Mum knitting and stitching our clothes, creating blankets from fabric leftovers, turning old unused clothing into something else. For her it was a cost saving solution, but the creativity behind it was admirable. She could have been a great inventor. These days she travels around with a small pillow she made with an old scarf and some foam from an old mattress. In a way, my “From boot to neck warmer” project was my own tribute to her.

There are obviously many other artists that have inspired me. I always dreamt about becoming a female version of Da Vinci, be good at all art disciplines… It still is a dream. I admire people like Dali, Hitchcock, Gene Kelly, Bjork, Edgard Allan Poe, and mainly Michael Jackson. He was the full idea of being an artist, I am a fan since I was 9 and he has inspired me in so many aspects and ways beyond my career.

Milla: Is that why your drawing portfolio includes some portraits of MJ?
Laura: Because of him I started to draw portrait and learn English. I wanted to become a communicator and inspire people, which was his life motto. I want to be my best on what I do.

Milla: How did you end up studying Advertising?
Laura: That was after withdrawing from Law! My Dad’s dream was for me to become a lawyer, I was a great student. However, after I completed my first year I realised that I was feeling miserable and that it wasn’t my dream. It took some courage to tell my Dad I was quitting Law, he is quite the character, so I looked carefully at my options and Advertising sounded like a career with a good level of creativity work and more job prospects than Fine Arts, so there you go. Funny thing is that I never found a role purely on Advertising, so I started my career as TV journalist and, when that ended, seeing there was a huge demand on graphic designers, I did a Multimedia Design course that got me in the industry.

That’s how life works. You know where you start, never where you will finish. At least I had a great time at Uni and discovered another passion of mine: video creation.

Milla: Would you rather do something different than Graphic Design?
Laura: I love Design but I have my dreams… I love writing and journalism as you know, I would love working as a Music/Art journalist for one of the big TV channels like MTV, or being the Creative Director of an important Ad agency, or see my stories become movies or music videos…

Milla: With the versatile career that you’ve had, what could you advise recent graduates who want to start something themselves?
Laura: Well, you will read much of that on my upcoming columns but my advice is basically to keep your eyes always open, absorb the inspirational things around you, learn from them and from creative people, materialise your ideas and believe in yourself. Studying a career is not the main source of your finding a job, the main resource is yourself. If you need creative expression as if a human needs water, it means it is in you. You can get anywhere you want!

Milla: So now tell us about your work at Milla.
Laura: First of all I feel honoured to be part of such an amazing team led by wonderful people such as Bram (and Thomas!). Thank you so much! I am hoping to get people inspired through my editorials and interviews and also bring some helpful tips on how to get yourself noticed and succeed. For the good or the bad, I have done way too many job interviews and met people from different business backgrounds, and by sharing those experiences I hope to teach you something you can apply to your own experience. I want to bring a rather interactive approach to my articles, where you can send me your concerns and I will comment on them. It will be a very personal and responsive way of writing editorials.

Milla: Finally, what’s next for you?
Laura: Apart from working for you guys, I am preparing an exhibition in London, writing the second part of my novel, training on digital publishing and taking care of my little princess daughter, which will be two years old soon.

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