We all Creatives should be on the same team

By on 2013/02/14

In 2010 I started this adventure of releasing my very own magazine where I could talk about those things/people that interest me, inspire me and, hopefully, inspire others. I felt at that time that our voices, the voices of the naturally talented, weren’t heard enough when mixed in the crowd along with the millions of internet users. There is so much human-made beauty out there that stays unnoticed, taken over by the mass media, the talent shows, the mainstream artists, the people with power and resources to get their voices heard. So I created this modest media source as a platform for them, and for myself, I won’t lie!

My intentions here have always been the same: encourage creativity, inspire people, support artists and promote Art in all its forms. As artists, we come across enough difficulties and obstacles when it comes to our search for success to start fighting between each other, to take down “our own people”, to play dark games between ourselves. We should all support each other, appreciate the works by others, respecting each other as if one succeeds we all win.

The artist’s journey of self-discovery is often full of doubts about our own talent and mistakes can happen. That’s fine, that is what’s called the learning process. But when those mistakes affect other people, a sincere public amend is needed. Otherwise we are risking our works’ reputation and public image forever.

Within the last few hours, I have witnessed one of those unfortunate situations. My responsibility as a communicator is to investigate the facts from both sides and decide on what should get published and what should not. But please be aware that this magazine do not judge people, their actions or their private life. The Creative Post is all about art and talent, and that is all what it will be talked about here. The Creative Post will not be posting comments where someone attacks someone over personal issues. If the issue is related to their works, again, we will investigate over it and decide on what it’s worth commenting. Personal issues should be resolved between both parts and never through this medium.

Thanks for your understanding.

Laura Salesa
Founder and Editor
The Creative Post

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